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GAWK for Win32
MAWK for Win32
AWKA for MinGW32

Alarm Be careful using unknown software
and software with strange origin
because of virus infection and trojan horses!

Alarm Vorsicht bei unbekannter Software
und bei Software unbekannter Herkunft
vor Viren und trojanischen Pferden!

Because nobody can predict what happens to the data on the way from the server to your hard drive, I advise to check this tools at once with an updated virus scanner before the first "run".

Da ich nicht vorhersagen kann, was auf dem Weg des Downloaden vom Server bis zur Speicherung auf der Platte alles mit dieser Software geschieht, rate ich dringend, vor dem ersten "run" dieser Tools einen Virencheck mit einem aktuellen Virenscanner durchzuführen.

Please inform me immediately when your virus check gets suspicious results so I can avoid possibly damage.

Sollte beim Viren-Check etwas auffälliges festgestellt werden, bitte ich um sofortige Benachrichtigung, damit ich etwas dagegen unternehmen kann.

Usage of these tools is fully in your responsibility and there is no warranty at all!

Die Benutzung der Tools geschieht auf eigene Verantwortung und es gibt
keine Garantie!

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Interpreter and compiler for
AWK pattern processing script language.

MAWK: Windows 32 bit version, optimized for getting the
highest possible speed and best performance
of all known AWK interpreters.

mawk / mawk.exe for Win32


Windows 32-bit version of Dr. Michael ("Mike") D. Brennan's ultrafast implementation of the famous and easy-to-learn pattern processing language interpreter including

  • speed optimized special version of mawk.exe running on the Windows 32 bit command line interface,
  • a detailed (N)AWK language reference manual,
  • a mawk user manual.

MAWK32 is extremely useful for intensive processing of large files because this 32-bit mawk.exe implementation is remarkably faster than GNU AWK (gawk.exe) implementation(s) and Perl scripts or even AWK scripts running at Brian W. Kernighan's original awk95.exe (20100208)!

AWKA for MingW32 (Win32), version 0.7.5 (binary distribution)

Compiling any AWK script and producing a fast stand-alone Win32 executable

This is a ported binary-only 32-bit Windows distribution of

for usage in combination with a previously installed

MinGW32 C/C++ compiler - Minimalist GNU for Win32    (http://www.mingw.org).

  • AWKA comprises a translator of the AWK programming language to ANSI-C and a library against which translated programs may be linked.
  • For using AWKA you only have to
    • install the MinGW32 compiler;
    • copy 3 files included in this distribution into the specified directories.

Quick overview about AWK scripting

  • Enormous distribution of the script language: It is available on all common operating systems;
  • Usenet discussion group comp.lang.awk gives a really good overview and, if needed, some assistance about using AWK implementations on any platform. Please note, that the link above works only correcly after configuring an Usenet newsreader (e.g. Outlook Express, Forté Free Agent, 40tude Dialog or XNews) support at your web browser.
    In other cases you may take look at the Google-Groups);
  • Only the interpreter (in this case mawk.exe) is needed for running the scripts -
    no external libraries etc. are necessary;
  • Easy-to-learn script language using the common C language syntax and semantics but:
    • no preprocessor;
    • no pointers / addresses;
    • no structures and -unions;
    • multi dimensional arrays are accessed in a different way;
    • "switch()...case...default..." statement not available in standard AWK;
    • "sprintf()" function works different and is more powerful compared with standard-C;
    • script execution is controlled by rules, not by main(...);
    • comments always starts with # and ends at the end of the same line;
    • no support for bit manipulation or bit shifting;
    • only a subset of standard library functions and -procedures available.
    But additionally:
    • smart automatic variable type handling;
    • predefined built-in variables;
    • simplified file handling;
    • regular expressions and pattern processing features;
    • string handling features and string processing functions;
    • initialization and cleanup rules possible;
    • strings are also accepted as array indices, which can be used as a substitute for structure types;
    • and many more... (please refer to the language reference manual
      which is part of this distribution).
  • In most cases it is much faster and easier writing a short AWK script than implementing some code in C or C++;
  • AWK script language features are a subset of the Perl script language -
    For easy conversion of AWK scripts into Perl scripts you may use the a2p tool which is part of almost every Perl language distribution;
  • Interpreter and compiler are freely available.

Overview and comparison of freely available AWK interpreters at Win32

(Brian W. Kernighan)


(GNU AWK Rel.:4.1.4)

(M. Brennan)

& ActivePerl

Compatibility standard POSIX;
many extensions
some extensions
Mostly the converted scripts need some modifications before they work correctly
Assistance at script development poor acceptable:
built-in LINT;
precise error messages and warnings
poor good:
Perl debugger available in most distributions
Speed medium medium...fast
(depends on binary distribution)
ultrafast medium...fast
(converted code isn't optimized for speed)
Reliability good good good good
Maintenance medium very good poor poor
Distribution at other OS source distrib.
& Win32
many restricted many


Free download of:

MAWK (mawk32.zip) (Version 1.3.3)
including: "The AWK Manual"

Win32 executable

Version in English Version in English

Free download of the version 4.1.4 (Aug 2016)
(Version 4.1.4)

Win32 executable

Version in English Version in English

The official documentation " The GNU AWK User's Guide " is available at

Free download of AWKA (awka.zip) (Version 0.7.5)
This AWKA distribution works in cooperation with the MinGW32 compiler suite.
AWK language pre-compiler specially ported for Win32.
The tool will produce ANSI-C-language program code for the MinGW32 gcc compiler suite.
The distribution contains also a precompiled AWKA library"libawka.a" necessary for binding into a binary standalone executable file with high performance and high speed!
Including installation instructions.

Version in English Version in English

Short example demonstrating some AWK features...

A simple example shows some advantages of simple AWK scripts.

This script concatenates two text files in a smart way:
Even if there is an overlapping at their contents, both files are put together correctly.

Auto-append file_2.txt to file_1.txt:
   mawk -f concat.awk file_1.txt file_2.txt > file_full.txt
using the binary distribution:
   concat file_1.txt file_2.txt > file_full.txt

The result of this smart concatenation will be stored into file_full.txt.


Source of concat.awk:

Contents of:


Contents of:


Resulting file:


Free download of concat.zip
(Zip archive, 4 kBytes) containing:

  • the source distribution;
  • example files in UNIX;
  • example files in DOS/Windows format;
  • a short description;

in Version in English English language
und Beschreibung auch in Deutschsprachig Deutsch.

Free download of concatx.zip
(Zip archive, 74 kBytes) containing:

  • concat.exe, the ready-to-run version;
  • the source distribution;
  • example files in UNIX;
  • example files in DOS/Windows format;
  • a short description;

in Version in English English language
und Beschreibung auch in Deutschsprachig Deutsch.

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